Normal Opening Hours (from 19th April) Monday................Closed
Wednesday........ Closed
Thursday.............15:00 - 18:00
Friday...................16:30 - 19:30
Saturday.............12:30 - 18:00
Sunday................14:00 - 18:30
Monday morning 10am.
(possible 11am session if 10am session fully booked)
Fitness sessions at Ozone
we can provide a birthday cake to take home Why not book a group jump instead of a birthday party MORE INFO
Biggest and newest Trampoline and Ninja Parc in Luxembourg
Built for Fun, Safety first

Our Covid Measures

At Ozone, the safety of our customers and staff is very important to our mission.

Our goal is simple: to be able to provide an amazing and safe fun experience to all of our customers.

Health and cleanliness precautions

We have implemented additional COVID-19 security measures to protect you and our team.
We follow government guidelines and work in partnership with disinfection companies to ensure we are protected against COVID-19. We have partnered up with Flowey, a well-known sanitary products company, which supplies products to Luxembourg hospitals.
We also use Zoono Microbe Shield (Z71) surface disinfectant and the whole playpen is treated with it every 3 weeks. This germ protection disinfectant spray forms an antimicrobial coating on surfaces that protects against 99.99% of germs / viruses and keeps surfaces disinfected for up to 30 days. This product has been found to protect against Covid-19 and has been used around the world. Zoono (Z71) remains effective even after routine cleaning procedures. Zoono has been sprayed on all seats, toilets, surfaces more prone to hand contact, all activity areas in the park, arcade items, as well as lockers.

Masks will be mandatory throughout the park for all people aged 6 and over

Hand sanitizers are available throughout the park
Plexiglass screens have been installed for additional protection for customers and staff.
Reservations must be made in advance, as recommended by the government.
A new online reservation system is available to allow our customers to make all their reservations online, sign the waiver and also watch the security video, quietly at home

The park will be completely disinfected regularly even during opening hours, which will require an interval of 30 minutes at certain times of the day.

Certain park activities designated as “high touch ” areas may be closed to the public during your visit, in full compliance with Covid-19 government guidelines. Please ask reception during your visit for details.

We ask clients to pre-book online, watch the briefing video, and sign a waiver before arriving at the park. We also recommend using card / contactless payments at the park, but cash will always be accepted on site.

We are very happy to be able to welcome our customers back to Ozone.

Our entire team looks forward to seeing you again soon.


Park entry

1 heure 2 heure
Children aged 3 or 4 years

includes 1 adult entry for supervision purposes

24 EUR   35 EUR
Aged 5 to 9 years old 12 EUR   21 EUR
Anyone aged 10 or above 15 EUR 26 EUR
Ozone Socks (Mandatory)   3 EUR/paire

Ozone socks are mandatory for all entries to the park.

All persons entering the park must complete a waiver before entry will be allowed. No waiver, no entry.

‘Under 5’ Trampoline Sessions –

These sessions are no longer available.

Instead, anyone over the age of 3 can enter the park as a regular rider, we have a special booking option which includes a child aged 3 or 4 and an adult for supervision purposes. An additional child aged 3 or 4 can be added to the booking, but an adult can only be responsible for 2 children under 5 years old.

Note :
Children with nappies are not allowed.

Opening Hours

No bookable times on Wednesday until further notice
Wednesday sessions will resume after COVID rules are relaxed
Open 15:00 – 18:00
Sessions reservable at 15:00,  16:00 & 17:00
Sessions reserved in blocks of 1h. It is recommended to book online at
Open 16:30 – 19:30
Sessions reservable at 16:30,  17:30  &  18:30
Sessions reserved in blocks of 1h. It is recommended to book online at
Open 10:00 – 18:00
– 45 min trampoline fitness starting at 10:00
Sessions reservable at 12:30,  13:30,  15:00,  16:00  &  17:00
Sessions reserved in blocks of 1h. It is recommended to book online at
Open 14:00 – 18:30
Sessions reservable at 14:00,  15:00,  16:30 & 17:30
Sessions reserved in blocks of 1h. It is recommended to book online at

What you can find here

Party Bookings

At this time traditional parties are not bookable as we are unable to sell or consume drinks or food on site

Birthday party ... or any other reason to party

At Ozone, we know COVID has impacted everyones lives and children are missing out on a lot of things including celebrating their birthday. So we have put together these options

Option 1:  (available to book Wednesday morning, Wednesday @ 19:00, Thursday @ 18:30, Friday @ 19:30, Saturday after 18:00 and Sunday 10am until 1pm)

  • PRIVATE jumping session for your group OUTSIDE the normal Ozone opening hours
  • Socks included for all jumping guests of the party
  • Choice of 60, 90 or 120 minutes access to the trampoline parc, the ninja course and all the interactive games
    • 60minutes for 10 persons : 250 Euro,  15 euro per extra person jumping up to 20 people,  10 euro per person above 20 guests
    • 90 minutes for 10 persons : 320 Euro,  20 euro per extra person jumping up to 20 people,  15 euro per person above 20 guests
    • 120 Minutes for 10 persons : 390 Euro,  25 euro per extra person jumping up to 20 people,   20 euro per person above 20 guests
  • Games etc can be organized during private sessions if desired – it’s your choice – do what you want during your time.
  • This option has to be organized separately by email to facilitate special opening times (
  • In addition while COVID rules exist there will be an additional  50 Euro Parc Sanitization Fee


Option 2: (available to book online at any time Ozone is open)

  • Group jump booking DURING Ozone opening hours
  • Minimum 10 people we offer a 10% discount.
  • Socks not included for jumping guests of the group
  • Choice of 60 or 120 minutes jumping
  • This can be booked online via
  • Prices start at 108 Euro for a group of 10 children aged 5-9 for 1 hour


With both options we can additionally provide our customized Ozone Party cake to cut for take away, one piece for each party guest to take home

Cake choices : Chocolate, Vanilla or Marble cake (serves 12 persons) – 25 Euro ( will will cut and supply to each guest on their exit)

PLEASE NOTE : At the current time, we cannot sell or allowed to be consumed on site  any food or drink due to the government rules for COVOD

As with all COVID guidelines masks must be worn at all times inside Ozone by anyone over 5 years of age.

The whole parc is disinfected with a micro sprayer and specialized sanitizing products every every day before opening and every 2 hours when open.  Hand sanitizers are at your disposal all over the parc and we pride ourself in keeping a clean parc and always exceeding the government COVID sanitization measures.


For Group bookings go to BookOnline and select Party

Alternatively for PRIVATE parties send us an email to INFO@OZONEPARC.LU or call us on 24 55 92 35 
Please note it is not allowed to bring your own food or drink to Ozone, nor for a party celebration without prior agreement.

Fun Offers

Ultimate Fitness Sessions

Safety First !

Ozone has been carefully planned and built in conjunction with one of the leading European trampoline manufacturers. Following the strict UK PAS:5000 standards created in 2017, Ozone is fully certified alongside that standard to ensure the maximum attention to safety. Whether it be the use of air bags on the ninja course instead of foam or the padded walkways, Ozone has been built with safety and fun in mind.

The trampolines have no exposed springs, with strong but soft padding surrounding every trampoline bed. Each trampoline bed is in fact two trampoline beds to ensure users safety. Our parc safety procedures extend to daily safety checks on all trampoline beds, springs, foam padding, airbag pressure and lining checks, Ninja safety checks of each apparatus and even extend as far as visual netting inspections across the parc and the soft play area. Ozone has a safety Video to highlight the safety rules for you and other visitors, and there are many safety signs in and around to constantly remind people of the simple rules to ensure a wonderful experience. We employ court monitors around the parc to ensure your safety and to help with those tricky maneuvers and ninja challenges.

Our staff are there for your safety and help at all times. We also have an extensive video camera set up to provide live event recording should anything untoward happen. Video surveillance is not stored or watched unless called on for safety reasons.

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