Ozone Recycling Policy

At Ozone we are doing whatever we can to recycle and dispose of waste in a responsible manner. It is our world and we need to take care of it, and that starts with the youth.


Wherever possible we will decline from using plastic bottles, plastic cups and plastic straws, offering instead Paper, cans and Glass options. Please be aware that paper straws do not last as long as their plastic alternative. We understand this so please feel free to request additional straws if the first one becomes too soggy to use.


We have distribution agreements with Pepsi, Polar Krush, Nestle and Diekirch. In all cases we are working together to remove waste and create a better recycling environment. For instance Polar Krush are the first slush drink manufacturer to offer paper straws on request, and although they still provide plastic cups they are all made from recycled plastic.

Pepsi and Nestle are both leading the way in looking at ways to reduce sugars in drinks, and move to a recycling process.


We are at this moment looking at innovative ways we can recycle the foam cubes, maybe offering them to sports clubs, gymnasiums and other such entities. It is the same as mattress foam and so we have recently instigated a discussion with some suppliers and producers of foam on how it can be recycled and to what aim. We even discussed way to elongate its lifespan through covers or treatments.


All plastic we do come across like in items we have delivered we recycle along with the municipal guidelines. Please help us by separating your paper and plastic and putting it into the correct colored bins provided.


Blue                : Paper and Cardboard

Yellow             : Plastic recycling

Black               : Household waste


Of course we don’t know everything but if something new comes along we would like to hear about it. So please feel free to contact us with suggestions and ideas to better aid our recycling ambitions.