Ozone Terms & Conditions

(“Ozone”) : The operating brand of SKiS Entertainment SA (“SKiS”), a registered company in Luxembourg with registration number B227944.

(“Activity”) : Any organised, supervised or pursuit in which a person is active or any other products set out in a booking form. Typically, at Ozone this is a jumping session, a birthday or other type of party, a fitness session, a team building event and any other variant of these things as pertaining to the items provided for fun and entertainment while visiting the parc.

(“Waiver”) : A form either electronically or via paper format, that requires to be completed by every participant within the parc. It sets out further the risks, liabilities and awareness.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the booking of any “Activity” at Ozone Trampoline and Ninja parc based in Luxembourg, herein known as (“Ozone”) . These Terms and Conditions contain important information regarding your participation and all members of your party and accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that you shall ensure that all members of your party are aware of and accept these Booking Terms and Conditions.

No variation to these Booking Terms and Conditions shall be enforceable unless agreed in writing by “SKiS”. Any typographical, clerical or other error or omission in any booking confirmation or other documentation issued by ”Ozone” (including any electronic documentation) shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of “SKiS”, who reserves the right to make changes to the “Activities” whether to conform with any applicable safety or other statutory requirements or for any reason and without notice.

All members of the group/party should be made aware of the Terms and Conditions set out below. By placing your order, you and the rest of the party/group agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Any persons making a booking will be required to accept the Ozone waiver of responsibility and our terms and conditions.

Any personal information provided by you is confidential and will not be passed on to any other companies or organisations not affiliated with our online business.

Ozone reserve the right to make changes and amendments to these Terms and Conditions without notice at any time. Your continued use of this site after changes are posted will constitute your acceptance of the changes to these Terms.

Customers are requested to arrive in good time for their session. Anyone arriving late may not receive their entire time within the arena.

Food or drink must not be consumed whilst participating in any activities and only food purchased within Ozone is permitted to be consumed on the premises. Only by special agreement prior to arrival due to allergies or other factors will this rule be relaxed.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside Ozone. Drug use or under the influence of drugs will necessitate an immediate exit from the building.

Chewing gum is not permitted inside the arena and any damage caused by chewing gum you agree will be billable to the client responsible. Ozone has a bar and restaurant so consumption of alcohol is acceptable but you will not be allowed to participate in any activities if reasonably considered by Ozone to be under the influence of alcohol.

Ozone, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to close the whole or any part of the arena at any time or to restrict the number of persons having access to the arena. The reason for any closure or restriction provided by this condition may include technical, maintenance or operational reasons.

Ozone reserves the right to refuse admission, ban entry to or remove from the park without refund to any person who does not comply with these conditions, or for reckless or careless conduct. All threatening and abusive behaviour towards any of our staff will not be tolerated.

Any person causing wilful damage to the facilities, fixtures or fittings of Ozone will be liable to pay for the rectification of any damage caused. This includes any damage caused by misuse of equipment and/or failure to comply to supplied guidance. If damage is caused by a member of a party or group booking, the hirer will be liable to pay for the rectification of any damage caused by anyone attending the party or group booking.

Any persons using the trampoline parc MUST be 3 years of age or over. For those under 5 participating in a Session MUST in all cases must be accompanied by a consenting responsible adult.

Ozone does not accept responsibility for the loss of property or theft arising from the use of facilities. Money or valuables should, therefore, not be left unattended. This includes vehicles in surrounding car parks or parked on neighbouring roads. Valuables can be deposited in provided locker facilities. Vehicles and their contents are left at their owner’s risk.

Risk and safety
Activities involving Trampolines and climbing are not without risk and misuse may result in serious injury or even death. All participants must review all rules prior to their participation and on every subsequent visit. Upon arrival, participants will receive a briefing about the rules of the parc but these are available in video format from our website in three languages.

All participants must be reasonably fit and healthy and are subject to the age and weight restrictions for each activity as stated at the time of booking. Participants confirm that the maximum permitted weight of any person shall not exceed 120kg and that they do not exceed this weight.

The Activities are physically demanding and require a degree of agility, strength and stamina. Participants are advised to jump within their ability – only the individual knows or understands their own limits and competencies. If you are unsure or whether you can complete a manoeuvre, you should not attempt it. If participants have medical concerns, they are advised to consult their doctor in advance. Participants will be required to certify that they do not suffer from any medical condition which would make it more likely that they would be involved in any incident which could result in injury to themselves or others. Due to the physical nature of the Activities, pregnant women must not take part.

Participants need to have good vision and be able to see similar distances to those required to drive a car in order to be able to complete the activity and to supervise any under 12’s in their care. Consequently, short- or long-sighted participants must ensure that they wear contact lenses or prescribed glasses, unless the Activity prohibits it.

All participants need to use the compulsory Ozone socks which can be purchased when booking online or when you arrive. Once you have purchased them, they are yours to keep! There will be no entry without Ozone socks and no refunds on bookings should the client decide not to buy the socks.

Children aged 3 or 4 years old can enter the parc, if they are out of nappies, but must be accompanied by a paying adult at all times in the parc (max 3 children per supervising adult). To facilitate this Ozone offers a Parent/Child ticket.

Anyone who does not meet these requirements will not be allowed to undertake the Activities. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your group or party meet these requirements.

A responsible adult must remain on site for any child 12 years of age or under using the parc facilities

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have appropriate clothing. We reserve the right to prevent you from taking part in a session or activity if you are dressed inappropriately. Face paint is NOT allowed as it leaves marks on the trampolines and jump covers.

Participants are requested to remove all jewellery, belts and watches before going on the inflatables. Pockets must be emptied as loose objects can pose a hazard should they fall out during their session. Lost property in the arena will be retrieved at the end of the day, Ozone takes no responsibility for lost items if the proper rules have not been adhered to.

Do not operate mobile phones, cameras or similar equipment in the arena, these must be left out of the parc. Spectators are welcome to take photos/videos from the mezzanine but no entry will be allowed just for taking pictures in normal opening times.

Booking Online
We require full payment for advanced bookings so that we can secure your booking.

A booking will only be classed as confirmed once a confirmation email has been received from Ozone.

All guests are responsible for checking they have provided the correct information at the point of booking.

Ozone is not responsible for bookings that are made and confirmed via the website whereby the guest has provided incorrect information or made an error with their booking. You must let us know, as soon as possible, if there are any mistakes in your booking confirmation. And we will do our best endeavour to resolve it, subject to availability.

Payment can be made online using credit/debit cards through secure payment services, alternatively by bank transfer. Phone bookings are only possible during opening hours but will be subject to staff availability.

Card payments are made through a secure server. Ozone does not store your financial details. Your personal details are not passed to any third party.

Full Payment is required at the time of booking jump sessions and parties.

Refunds and Cancellations
All bookings are final. No card or credit card refunds will be offered on any booking. However, we will endeavour to reschedule your session/party to another date/time of your choice, subject to availability. If notified in advance by at least 7 days of certain changes Ozone will offer an Ozone Wallet or gift card to the value agreed by the duty manager, which will depend on the booking and agreement. Discounted items will not be reimbursed at any time. (For example discounted Ozone socks) No other form of a refund will be offered.

In exceptional circumstances bookings made that need to be cancelled and are supported by a medical certificate Ozone will swap the booking for an Ozone Wallet or gift voucher of equal value to that already paid.

Wallets or gift vouchers offered in this case will have a validity of no more than 6 months.

Late arrivals may not be permitted entry if the time has passed and no refunds will be offered in these circumstances.

Customers with bookings that need to be altered due to Covid-19 (or any other advised virus/infection) will be provided with a gift voucher which will hold the full equivalent balance of the booking being altered and may be redeemed for any other Ozone products of equivalent value. Validity will depend on closure reasons.

Gift Vouchers
To redeem gift vouchers, visit www.ozoneparc.lu and enter the gift voucher code at checkout. Gift cards/vouchers cannot be redeemed post a booking confirmation.

Ozone Parties
Specifically for birthday parties held at Ozone, we ask the parent/guardian of the party child stay on site at all times and are responsible for the behaviour of their children. Any behaviour we deem to be unacceptable will be explained to the parent/guardian and your party, or the single guests involvement, may come to an end prematurely.

All party food orders must go through the Ozone booking system. With the exception of a special dietary items (pre-arranged as part of the party arrangement), no other food (including birthday cakes and sweets) or drink will be allowed to be brought into Ozone. Only food purchased at Ozone will be allowed to be consumed.

Should any member of the party have any dietary requirements, we will try our best to cater to these needs, please advise us of such requests no later than 7 days prior to the party or group booking.

Should a group or party choose to make amendments to their catering option, a minimum of 7 business days’ notice must be provided.

Additional guests are subject to availability. If Ozone does not have the space, then the request will be declined. We maintain a defined maximum number of participants in the parc and for safety reasons this will not be modified to cater for unbooked guests.

We will supply sufficient cutlery to cut and eat the cake. Any additional decorations you require must be supplied by yourself and must be checked with Ozone in advance. We do not allow decorations to be stuck or otherwise fixed to the walls. Any decoration brought in with the prior agreement of Ozone must be taken away by you when you leave, or we reserve the right to charge a clean-up and disposal fee.
We are always looking to improve our parks and add new elements. Some of these elements may incur an additional charge and may not be included within your party package.

Force Majeure
No refunds will be possible when circumstances are beyond our control. These include but are not limited to : Fire, Flooding, Lightning or other extreme weather conditions, Explosions, terrorism, war, civil disorder, epidemics, pandemics, government enforced closure or limitations, labour disputes and power cuts. On a case by case basis Ozone will endeavour to offer an alternative but will not offer refunds. Ozone will communicate to the customers, where we have a working email address, as soon as is possible with the right information.

Covid 19
Ozone reviews Governmental advice at all times regarding Covid-19 (or any other virus dictated by the laws of Luxembourg) and adheres to the guidelines.

Customers and staff safety is our number one priority and we have hygiene standards within our centres.

Anyone that has symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) or has been in contact with someone that has tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not permitted on the premises.

CCTV Monitoring & Photography
The participant consents and agrees to the use by Ozone of CCTV monitoring for training, insurance, health and safety and security purposes. We do not use any image or video collected without prior agreement from our guests. Ozone consents to the participant and members of their group taking pictures for their own non-commercial purposes only and for no other purpose whatsoever.

If any of these terms are determined to be illegal invalid or otherwise unenforceable it shall be severed and deleted from these terms and the remaining terms shall survive, remain in full force and continue to be binding and enforceable.

Nothing above shall confer on any third party any benefit or the right to enforce any of these Booking Terms and Conditions.

Except as otherwise provided in these Booking Terms and Conditions, Ozone shall not be responsible for the loss, or damage, of or to any property or to any person arising from the booking of or participation in the Activities. This does not affect any guest’s statutory rights, or any liability held by Ozone which cannot be excluded by law.

Parking facilities are available, and any vehicles and their contents are left at the owners’ risk and are subject to any conditions and the payment of any fees as may be required by the provider (currently Cora) of such facilities at the site location.

Except as otherwise provided in these Booking Terms and Conditions any liability of Ozone shall be limited to the refund of any charges paid by the customer to Ozone, unless and to the extent such a limitation is not permitted by law.

These Booking Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Luxembourg and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Luxembourg.

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